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Malta Enterprise is Government’s exclusive agency for trade and investment in Malta. 

Our mission is to act as a single point of contact for enterprise, attract, grow and retain foreign direct investment in the Maltese economy, and help in the growth and development of local industry.

The Corporation’s package of assistance includes professional pre-investment advice and support, fiscal and financial incentives, a range of post investment services and aftercare facilities, as well as the availability of industrial and commercial space.

Tasked with assisting networks to develop further into business clusters, Malta Enterprise supports this initiative in the belief that the creation of such a cluster would be beneficial for Malta’s economic development. Companies would be able to operate more efficiently and take better advantage of the economies of scale and shared resources that would become available, 

whilst R&D and innovation opportunities would be enhanced through stronger collaborations with other companies, institutions, service providers and academia. 

Alan Camilleri

I am confident that the discussions and eventual projects undertaken as part of this initiative will be fruitful for all those involved.

"The initiatives being taken by the ICT Gozo Malta are laudible and praiseworthy, as they result in achieving tangible objectives in the ICT industry but also in the related R&D. Whilst expressing its support for this initiative, Malta Enterprise looks forward to collaborating together with the other stakeholders working within this cluster to identify the way forward on potential areas of collaboration"

Alan Camilleri
Executive chairman, Malta Enterprise


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