govmt 2The Government of the Republic of Malta has a clearly articulated ICT Vision and Roadmap which has already taken Malta to the front in Europe in terms of several important ICT indicators.

The Government has privatised telecommunications.  It supports investment and international business with a very attractive taxation regime.   

As a European Union member state, Malta has an excellent rate of take up of European Commission funding support and actively seeks to become an ICT hub for the Mediterranean and further afield. 

Malta's colorful multicultural history has created a nation of independent people who can trace their ancestry and influences to many parts of Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East, making it an international cross roads and meeting place. Maltese and English are the official languages.  Malta has enjoyed significant inwards investment from European nations such as Germany, and further afield from the UAE, the latter particularly in the telecom industry and also in the SmartCity Malta project.

The Government of the Republic of Malta is fully committed to the National Agenda of advancing as a Smart Nation, investing heavily in infrastructure and ICT education.    

Rapid access to the Government and industry key decision makers is available and the small but high density population make Malta an excellent test bed for new technologies.    

Malta's wonderful location in the Mediterranean Sea, good travel connections and services industry has made it a famous tourist destination.  Malta also boasts excellent diving and the world's oldest standing structures, predating the pyramids of Egypt.  

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