Project: Safe and Secure Computing Vision

Evolutionary and revolutionary real-time computing advances are necessary to support evolving industrial control and cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things (CISCO: 50 billion devices expected by 2020), and low power exascale class supercomputing.   According to a report by PROARTIS:

"The market for Critical Real-Time Embedded Systems (CRTES), which among others includes the avionics and automotive sectors, is experiencing an unprecedented growth, and is expected to continue to steadily grow for the foreseeable future." ...

"The competition on functional value, measured in terms of application services delivered per unit of product faces CRTES industry with rising demands for greater performance, increased computing power, and stricter cost-containment. The latter factor puts pressure on the reduction in the number of processing units and ECUs used in the system, to which industry responds by looking at more powerful processors, with aggressive hardware acceleration features like caches and deep memory hierarchies.

In this evolving scenario, it must be acknowledged that the industrial application of current WCET analysis techniques, which accounts for a significant proportion of total verification and validation time and cost of system production, yields far from perfect results. IBM has for example found that 50% of the warranty costs in cars are related to electronics and their embedded software, and that 30% of those costs are related to timing flaws. These instances of incorrect operation cost industry billions of Euros annually [See article here]."

For several years, Synaptic Labs has been addressing the hard security problems in communication and computation to enable the next generation and trustworthy and dependable computing. In a public statement (July 2011) on Synaptic Laboratories Ltd. made by Brian Snow, an Independent Security Consultant, formerly working for the US NSA for 35 years including Technical Director for 12, Brian says: "when security is involved, "He who gets to the interface first, wins" is true, and it REALLY matters. Synaptic Laboratories Ltd. is one of those rare firms that really tries to address security issues FIRST, as the principal driver of their products. It gives them a "leg up" on getting the overall architecture right. Or if not perfectly right, certainly closer than those who first design around marketable user features, then try to tack on security as an after-thought."

Exactly the same can be said for meeting the needs of the real-time community.

During 2012, in consultation with world leading domain experts in real-time computing, Synaptic Laboratories has been systematically addressing the hard real-time hardware issues, at design time, as a complementary driver to security in both of communication and computation projects.  Advantageously, many of the hard problems Synaptic Labs has solved in information security can be trivially adapted to simultaneously solve hard real-time problems. Both fields are concerned about keeping tasks separate and controlling or eliminating the unwanted interaction between tasks.

Today many of Synaptic Laboratories' designs are able to simultaneously address the hardest information security and the hardest real-time requirements simultaneously, in a synergistic non-compromise way.  In keeping with our principles, Synaptic Labs also ensures that our designs are hardware and software vendor neutral, supporting multiple hardware computer instruction sets, multiple general-purpose and real-time operating systems.

Synaptic Labs' three secure computing proposals are part of Synaptic Labs' global inclusive cyber security ecosystem, where each part can stand alone to resolve key needs

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