Intl. Cyber Awareness Seminar


23.11.2011 - 23.11.2011 17.45 h - 21.00 h
MITA - Blata l-Bajda


FREE Malta International Cyber Awareness Seminar,
Linked to the Brasil Security Leaders Congress

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On the 23rd November 2011 we held a unique Cyber Security and Awareness Seminar, targeted to all groups and held at MITA’s offices, who also sponsored the event.  Entrence was free with complimentary refreshments. 

The seminar was organised by ICT Gozo Malta Project and its co-founder Synaptic Laboratories Limited in partnership with BCS Malta Section as part of the Project's cyber awareness campaign, promoting Maltese sourced ICT skills and innovation, and building international relationships and collaboration for future economic and social development activities.

Synaptic Laboratories Limited has drawn on its international relationships, both old and very recent, to bring together an exceptional list of speakers who participated in this Seminar remotely from around the world.

The Seminar also linked into the Security Leaders Congress  being held in Brazil.

Synaptic Laboratories' Chief Technical Officer Benjamin Gittins was invited to participate in the Annual Brazil Security Leaders Congress on the 23 Nov. 2011.  This 2 day Congress was attended by some 800 CEO/CIO/CTO level executives from public and industry sectors.

Further details on the panel members are also listed on our site here:

Synaptic Labs participation took place remotely from Malta and was the first such international participation in the history of the Congress.  The Congress was streamed live onto the Internet with translation into English.  In the panel called "Securing Legitimate Access", Benjamin Gittins participated along with several prominent Brazilian Information Security Leaders from Government, Industry and Academia.


The theme of the Malta International Cyber Security Seminar was “Cyber Awareness for all ages and groups, and the convergence of Reliability, Safety and Security in Personal, Business, and Industrial Systems".

This FREE seminar was for everybody, not just security and ICT experts.  It was sponsored and supported by Government and Industry.  The presentations provided a balance of information sufficient to strongly interest the full spectrum of attendees, including students and adults, also business people, techies and academics who wanted to get a true picture on the current state of cyber security affairs.   Participants learnt about the future directions in cyber security and the exciting part Malta is contributing.   This seminar called on some of Synaptic Laboratories international collaborators who are world leaders in their fields. 

You can now hear the true story of where we the community is at, and where these leaders are heading, and the exciting contributions being made to global cyber security from Malta by clicking here to watch the online streaming videos of the event.

What you will learn from this exciting event:

What is the true current situation and risks?  

This subject was addressed by several speakers. 

Brian Snow was for many years the Technical Director responsible for protecting the United State’s National Security Information and Information Systems (Technical Director of the Information Assurance Directorate of the US National Security Agency).  Get the latest views directly from the man who is said to have done more for USA national security than any other!

Bob Quick was Assistant Commissioner of Police, in charge of counter - terrorism, protection of the Royal Family, Prime Minister and Cabinet, and all diplomatic visits and properties in the UK. 

What is currently available to address the fundamental problems we face?

Hear about the world’s most secure operating system.   Representatives from Green Hills Software and Wittenstein High Integrity Systems talked about their operating system designs and how they address security and safety needs globally!   

The Seminar linked LIVE to a presentation by Prof Fabian Martins at the annual Brasil Security Leaders Congress, the largest security event in Brasil.   He spoke about the latest in secure identification and then there was a panel discussion involving leading security experts from across Government, industry and academia in Brasil.   Synaptic Labs CTO participated in this panel LIVE from the Malta International Cyber Awareness Seminar.. the first such international linkup in the history of the Brasil Congress. 

Emerging and future trends 

There is an exciting emerging trend towards the merging of reliability, safety and security in both personal, business, and industrial computing systems.  Synaptic Labs CTO Benjamin Gittins and all speakers touched on this subject.   


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